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PSDC Technical Support Policy

ProMiles® Software is proud to announce that our product support has been offered free of charge to all of our customers since the first day we were open for business, saving you money.  We realize that our policy of free support is pretty unusual in an industry with mandatory support contracts or charges of $50 or more per “incident.”  It is our desire to continue this policy indefinitely.  We have always believed that the continued support and satisfaction of our customers is our most important asset.  Therefore, making sure every customer is able to effectively use the product they purchased has always been a high priority for us.

We continue to invest a great deal of effort into making sure our software is friendly and easy to use.  Continually refining ease of use helps keep our support costs down.  We do reserve the right to change our support policy with 90 days written notice of such change posted to our Web site.  However, unlike much of our competition, we are proud to say we have never had to charge a penny for support in all the years we’ve been in business.  When we say your success matters to us, we truly mean it.  We are here to help!

Best Regards,
ProMiles Software Development Corporation

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