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Save on fuel costs.

ProMilesOnline assists companies and drivers in planning legal trips that are safer and more efficient.

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This software helps cut the largest expense for trucking companies: fuel costs.
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Compliance made easy.

AFTR is easily the most cost effective solution for IFTA compliance.

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ProMiles takes the lat/long ping data and builds the trip using the industry-leading ProMiles Routing Engine
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Precise - Simple.

Accurately calculate load surcharge
by route fuel cost.

Simple to Use

This is quick and truckers agree,
that fast is Good after a long day.
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Make reports simpler.

FuelTaxOnline is the first trucking Fuel Tax Reporting Software to be ported to the internet.

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Enter your truck and trip data, and automatically generating reports for both fleets and individual drivers.
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We are with you.
Every trip. Every mile.

Save time planning trips, trim costs by reducing out of route miles, make informed decisions on fuel purchases, save time on paperwork, and save time doing tax reports.

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