Permit Manager

ProMiles Oversize/Overweight
Permitting and Routing Solutions


Cloud-based, paperless with permit self-issuance
24 hours a day, 365 days of the year

Permit Manager

Application and permit management
solution designed for single-point
data entry, and simultaneous
permit application submission for
multi-jurisdiction routes.

  • Auto Upload Manager – Populate multiple states with a single permit application
  • National Route Manager – View vertical clearances, temporary and permanent restrictions, Bridge/Road weight postings on the interactive national restriction map
  • Quote Manager – Quickly compute total costs including pilot cars, jurisdiction permit fees, and more
  • Route Survey App– Save time and increase accuracy by recording survey details digitally, including GPS coordinates, obstacles, measurements, photos, and more

Custom Jurisdiction Solutions

Custom permitting solution compares
and evaluates user and jurisdiction
preferences, equipment and load
attributes, route restrictions and user
compliance status to identify the safest
possible route.

  • Save time planning, submitting, processing, and managing permits
  • Plan multi-state moves using one national restriction map
  • Apply for multi-state applications simultaneously
  •  Plan trips using automated Quote & Route Survey tools
  •  Manage all permits, including OS/OW, Trip & Fuel, and more
  • Build custom reports and implement APIs
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