FuelTaxOnline: Online Fuel Tax Reporting & Automation

FuelTaxOnline is the first trucking Fuel Tax Reporting Software to be ported to the internet.  FuelTaxOnline will allow you to enter truck and trip data for your fleet and automatically generate IFTA, Mile, Audit Detail, IRP, State, and MPG reports. FuelTaxOnline can be used by drivers to get fuel tax reports for their rig, or by companies that have fleets of hundreds of trucks.

At the end of each quarter, a driver or company need only to generate the jurisdiction acceptable reports through the user-friendly report generation page in FuelTaxOnline, print them out, and send them in.

FuelTaxOnline Features


Saves you the headaches of generating reporting forms for Fuel Taxes. Read below about the features of this innovative and one-of-a-kind fuel tax product.

Generate Reports

FuelTaxOnline generates the following reports:

Enter Trips

FuelTaxOnline includes a full featured trip entry page.

Trip Histories

FuelTaxOnline keeps tracks of your trip histories.

Unit Data

FuelTaxOnline lets you:

Multi-Fleet Capability

Have 2 or more IFTA accounts?


Combined with ProMilesOnline
$ 20 Monthly
  • Integrates with ProMilesOnline


Stand-Alone Pricing
$ 39 Monthly
  • Stand-alone pricing

We are with you.
Every trip. Every mile.

Save time planning trips, trim costs by reducing out of route miles,
make informed decisions on fuel purchases, save time on paperwork,
and save time doing tax reports

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