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 TruckMiles® Powered by: ProMiles

The ALL NEW is the best version yet of our FREE Online mapping and routing website.  Originally developed as a 'light' version of our full-featured ProMilesOnline, TruckMiles™ is quickly becoming one of the best mileage and routing guides available today. Trip after trip after trip, TruckMiles has proven itself for owner operators and small fleets alike!  This version now includes our latest mileage database and map rendering technology, but are only part of the package. With features like up-to-date weather, road conditions and DAILY FUEL PRICES, is THE perfect solution for web-based mileage and routing where truck usable roads are concerned.

The following are just a few of features:

  • Brand new layout
  • Updated routing system
  • Improved map rendering engine (see below)
  • Accurate ProMiles Database
    • Over 1,000,000 locations including Can. Postal Codes
    • Over 815,000 miles of Truck usable roads
    • Includes all restriction for trucks over 13.6” high and 102” wide
  • Profit Margin Estimator
  • Truck Shortest or Truck Practical Routing
  • Choice of Calculation results in Miles or Kilometers
  • Calculate Rates using a flat Rate Per-Mile
  • Ability to Avoid Toll Roads
  • Ability to turn on or off Canadian border crossing
  • Detailed turn by turn Truck routing
  • Real time weather along your route
  • Improved weather functions with animated maps
  • Print or Email trips results to anyone
  • On-going daily updates and added features

All New Mapping Features:

  • Larger overall map size, almost double the size of the last version!
  • Anti-Aliased Images - blended road segments, etc. for better visibility
  • Textured maps - for a more interesting and realistic 'feel'
  • Click-Drag-Zoom Mouse functionality. Just like our CD version!
  • Clickable Map Borders for easy 8-way navigation

And the best part about it all...
TruckMiles is still TOTALLY FREE!

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