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Software Developer's Kit

The PSDC Software Developer’s Kit (or SDK) is a powerful component that allows you to integrate trucking mileages, maps, and routes into your standalone programs. With tons of features and customizable licensing and distribution options, the ProMiles SDK is the best way to rapidly develop professional mileage and mapping enabled trucking applications.  This SDK powers ProMiles Mileage Guide and comes with ProMiles’ full location and miles database. Incorporate the same functionality used by big governments and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

ProMiles SDK Features

Map Generation

Clear, electronic graphics offer users the advantage of being able to foresee their trips, routes and Fuel cost.

Fuel Optimization

The ProMiles SDK includes our Fuel Optimization component. Use all of the truck stops in North America or use your own networks of trucks and let ProMiles do the math. ProMiles can display on the map all truck stops on your users' routes or only those truck stops that ProMiles suggests they buy their fuel at. The Fuel Optimization component also returns the amount and cost of the fuel to buy.

Trip Optimization

Let your program re-sequence planned stops in the most efficient order to save your users time and money.

Enter your own locations using Lat, Longs

Using lat / longs, the SDK allows you to customize the ProMiles database by entering your own custom locations. Your users can then easily route to and from these locations from within your program.

Trip Itinerary

Enable your program to generate detailed itineraries and help users keep track of their trucks with a map display of current truck locations.

Over 1,000,000 locations!

It's in there.

All US and Canadian Zip/Postal codes

The new U.S. postal code database geo-coded by lat/longs to ensure accuracy.

Over 931,000 MilesUpdated truck restricted roads and bridge heights.

Give your users the security that they are using trucking miles and not car miles.

State Mileage Breakout

Display a break out of your users' total miles for each state. Great tool for filing IFTA fuel taxes.

Truck stops along Route

Displays all truck stops along route to provide users with the truck stop they need. Users can customize your application to display only those truck stops that meet their specific needs, such as 24hr parking, repair station, deli, men's and women's showers, scales, and more!

Licensing and Distribution:

ProMiles offers basic licensing packages for those who wish to use the SDK for their own internal use or for those developing commercial software. Call 1-800-324-8588 to get a price quote. Let us help you make your application the best.

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