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ProMiles XF Kingpin

  • Select from 12 different vehicle types – From straight trucks to double trailer combinations!
  • Specify trailer kingpin settings, axle weights, vehicle length, and 96″ or 102″ vehicle widths!
  • Address to Address truck routing for the United States & Canada
  • Additional Modules Available, and Much More!

ProMiles XF Features

Routing & Mileage

Business Management Features:

Vehicle Configuration

At ProMiles, we understand that all commercial vehicles are NOT created equal! Our clients operate everything from 2 axle Expedite trucks to 7 axle double trailer combinations – and everything in between. Don’t settle for generic commercial vehicle routing options when vehicle specific driving directions are now available for you.

The ProMiles data team constantly researches regulations from thousands of federal, state and local authorities. While some of these regulations may be generic such as “No Commercial Vehicles,” many more are specific to certain vehicles. Whether they are defined by length, width, height, weight or vehicle type, ProMiles® XF® Kingpin® allows the specific configuration to be considered for your current trip.

  • Select from 12 different vehicle types – From straight trucks to double trailer combinations!
  • Specify lengths for trailer, kingpin settings, complete vehicle
  • Specify trailer as single, tandem, tridem or two spread axles
  • Specify height from 10′ to 13’6″
  • Specify 96″or 102″ width
  • HAZMAT Add-On feature available
truck delivery on the way evening

Fuel Purchase Optimization

Diesel fuel is the single highest cost for almost all carriers. Let ProMiles® XF® Kingpin® help you control fuel cost by suggesting where to purchase fuel – or you can view a complete list of fuel prices along your route. ProMiles maintains the largest and most accurate fuel price database for the United States and Canada. Client reports of saving 10 – 20 cents per gallon along a route are not uncommon – which can add up to thousands of dollars every year – even for a single truck owner-operator.

ProMiles® XF® Kingpin® allows the user both accuracy and flexibility. Specify tank capacity, starting fuel level and mpg as well as parameters such as ending fuel level, minimum purchase and distance off route to consider stops. Additionally, the program allows the user to specify whether to compare retail price or retail minus refundable tax collected at the pump.

A Fuel Management Module is available to allow users to create and compare prices using network deals you have negotiated with various truck stops or chains.

We occasionally offer seminars on fuel purchase optimization or, our Technical Support staff is also available should you have any questions on how to set up or use the fuel optimization program to recognize the greatest savings for your fleet.

Available Add-On Features

Enhance your experience with ProMiles® XF® Kingpin® edition by adding features you need to supplement the base mileage and routing program. Features are available for everyone from the owner-operator using the application in-cab to the operations facility with multiple users accessing the system. Choose the specific elements you need for your operation.

Drive Mode

For the owner-operator using the program in-cab, Drive mode turns the Kingpin® edition into a complete in-cab navigation system. Voice prompts are provided as you drive to increase safety. Current distance to next turn, estimated time remaining and distance to destination.

Import User Locations

If you have a database of client locations, don't spend time manually inputting all of the data when you can automate the process. Import options available from most popular spreadsheet applications as well as most delimited file formats.

HAZMAT Routing

Based not only on the National Hazmat Registry but on regulations from thousands of municipal sources as well, the HAZMAT Routing feature allows users to specify one or more classes of Hazardous Materials to be considered when routing your trip.

Additional Modules

More than just features added to the mileage guide, these modules allow the user to access to complete applications that can be used independently or in conjunction with the mileage guide information.

Return on Investment

Miles per MonthPreventable
  Miles @ 1%
Cost Per Mile*
Out-of-Route Savings
Fuel Optimization 
Savings @ $0.06 per Gal.(5.5 mpg)
Estimated Monthly 
Estimated Annual 

We are with you.
Every trip. Every mile.

Simply put, ProMiles outranks its competitors. By keeping the consumer in mind, PSDC will continue to work on and add data to their programs.

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