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ProMiles XF® Online Demos and Training

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ProMiles QuickVideo Training Series
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The QuickVideo Training Series requires that you have the Adobe Flash Player installed for your web browser.

To view a QuickVideo training session, click on the subject you wish to learn more about. A new window will appear and the video will auto-start. 

# Topic Video Length
1 Changing Default Calculation Options 1m:34s
2 Changing default options: Road speeds 1m:04s
3 Changing default options: That truck sound 0m:16s
4 Changing default options: Fuel prices 0m:45s
5 Changing default options: Look-Up Options 1m:14s
6 Saving and Opening trips via file or database entry 1m:36s
7 Inserting a stop into a trip 0m:37s

Future QuickVideo Topics: (Be sure to check back)

8 Re-sequence Stops  
9 Setting a Junction using the map  
10 Force trip using Junction to Junction  
11 Compare trips  
12 Change map properties / See all truck-stops on a route  
13 Change my optimization settings  
14 Track expenses  


To  start the Quick Tour, click the link below, then choose "Open".

ProMiles XF Mileage Guide Interactive Flip Book (1.18 mb)

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