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After being awarded the contract in 2008, ProMiles worked with the Texas Department of Transportation and a key group of carriers to modernize the permitting system for OS/OW loads. The system, which went live in August of 2011, has proven to be an enormous benefit both to the State as well as the carriers.

The Texas Permitting and Routing Optimization System (TxPROS) was designed to allow carriers to apply for Texas permits, pay fees, and route trucks on the best roads for the load's size and weight 24 hours a day. 

From day one, carriers self-issued over half of all permits utilizing the new system, usually in 30 minutes or less. This ability also allows State workers to improve service and to quickly handle more complex permits. In 2012, Texas issued over 741,000 permits, an increase of 25.4%. Meanwhile hold time for callers has decreased from over 11 minutes - to less than four.

The routing system is based on approximately 9,000 restrictions that staff maintains in real time using using a GIS-based restriction manager built into the system. Considered a critical State system, TxPROS has maintained more than a 99.65% uptime since launch and has a hot backup site in place. Initial estimates for return on investment were projected at 7-8 years. In reality, it took less than one year after going live, with an increase of over $30 million in permit revenue for fiscal year 2012.

The TxPROS system so far has won five State and National awards.

  • Best Application Serving an Agency's Business Needs - Center for Digital Government - Best of Texas

  • Best Fit Integrator Award for Exceptional Service Award in Transportation, Center for Digital Government

  • Smart Solution Spotlight Award - Intelligent Transportation Society of America

  • Best Use of Innovation - America's Transportation Awards - WASHTO/AASHTO

  • 2012 Government Computer News Award


In 2013, ProMiles will have similar solutions go live in both Kansas (K-Trips) and North Dakota. Contracts have also been awarded to ProMiles Software for related projects for New Mexico, Colorado and Georgia.

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