TruckMiles Version 5 gets Tremendous Response at Mid-America

March 25, 2004 Bridge City, Texas - ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC) - Tony Stroncheck (PSDC COO & President of Sales) announced today that the TruckMiles new version 5 was released at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, to a crowd that seems more than pleased with the software. "You (PSDC) are providing exactly what we are needing while on the road," commented one of the new users of the updated application. 2004 ZIP codes, updated roads and road restrictions and an easier to use single page location entry screen are just some of the enhancements made by PSDC to the product. "We constantly listen to our users requests and try to respond in a timely manner," stated Stroncheck." The majority of ideas for new or improved functionality come from our current users. No matter how many things that we think of on our own, we are still primarily driven to produce an application that meets the needs of our users with an easy to use product.

Especially with TruckMiles, it is not uncommon for the user to be a first time user not only of our software, but on several occasions, the user didn't even own a computer until almost the same time as they purchase our product," added Chris Lee, PSDC - Marketing Director. "Luckily, all of our staff is able and willing to not only provide support for the user that is familiar with installations, file transfers and internet services, but the guy that needs directions to find the tab key on their keyboard."

"As always, our goal is to keep every ProMiles application as the most accurate, functional, and easy to use mileage product available," stated Stroncheck. "Initial response here at the show has been tremendous. We came into the show anticipating a fairly significant increase in sales over last year, but the response has been much better than we had projected." Interested parties can find more detailed information on the features of TruckMiles by visiting the PSDC website ( or call PSDC directly (800-324-8588).

ProMiles Software Development Corporation is North Americas leading developer of software applications for fuel management and fuel purchase optimization. Building on their core products for mileage, routing, mapping and fuel tax reporting, PSDC enjoys a widely diversified client base including thousands of owner/operators and company drivers as well as such well known carriers as Averitt Express, Dart and Old Dominion. Every Canadian Province and the majority of US State/DOT Auditors are using ProMiles applications for IFTA, Log Book and IRP compliance verification. ProMiles gives the trucking industry the same tools to pre-audit their records that the government uses to perform an audit.

ProMiles Software Development Corporation
1900 Texas Avenue
PO Box 398
Bridge City, TX 77611

Tony Stroncheck
PSDC President - Sales and Marketing
409-697-2587 ext. 235

Chris Lee
PSDC - Project Manager
409-697-2587 ext. 231

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