Travelers set to benefit from the availability of dynamic fuel price content delivered from Tele Atlas for location-based, wireless and Internet services

ATLANTA, March 23, 2004 - Tele Atlas and ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC), announced today that the two companies have teamed to offer the first, up-to-date North American fuel price data for location-based services, wireless applications and Internet services. Through this partnership, ProMiles will provide Tele Atlas on a daily basis gas prices at the pump for four grades of fuel - Regular, Plus, Premium and Diesel - for more than 72,000 fuel stations in North America. The addition of this dynamic fuel information is part of Tele Atlas' commitment to bring relevant, location content to its partners and customers to help drive adoption of location-based services and applications by end users.

Each day actual at-the-pump prices will be sent to Tele Atlas for integration into the Tele Atlas dynamic servers so top partners and customers will be able to utilize this data in their LBS applications to create more compelling applications that are integrated with Tele Atlas maps. Consumer services and applications can then leverage this data to provide end users fuel prices customized to their preferred brand and to direct them to the most affordable price near their location whether at home or on the road. More sophisticated services will be able to optimize stops on longer trips to lower overall fuel costs.

Location-based services, as well as navigation applications and telematics services, are well poised to take advantage of this dynamic traveler information, which could drive usage of and subscriptions to their services.

"With more than 125,000 gasoline stations in the United States and fuel prices expected to top $3 a gallon in some areas this summer, consumers will be searching for solutions to help them identify the most cost-effective locations to purchase gasoline to keep their travel and commuting expenses as low as possible," said Joseph J. Berry, vice president of GIS and LBS for Tele Atlas in North America. "Our agreement with ProMiles will make it easy and efficient for services used by both wired and wireless subscribers to perform proximity searches for fuel prices as well as optimize fuel savings for long-distance travel."

"Managing the cost of fuel is as important to individual consumers as it is large and small businesses," stated Tony Stroncheck, president of ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC). "By teaming with Tele Atlas, businesses and consumers will benefit from the increased availability of fuel price information."

About Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas delivers the freshest, richest, and most accurate digital map data and dynamic content to power the world's most essential geographic solutions. Tele Atlas collaborates with a fast-growing base of leaders in the personal navigation, Internet, and wireless markets to ensure consumers have the map content they need to quickly and easily find places, products and services, wherever they are.

Tele Atlas also works with business partners, who trust the company's digital map data to deliver some of the world's most important emergency, business fleet and infrastructure services applications.

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About ProMiles

ProMiles Software Development Corporation, developer of the industry's Largest and Most Accurate Mileage and Mapping Database with over 931,000 miles of truck useable roads, develops various types of desktop (CD) and Web applications such as Route/Stop Optimization, Fuel Tax Reporting, Fuel Management and Fuel Purchase Optimization. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Ocean Spray, Bayer and General Motors have benefited from the use of ProMiles applications. ProMiles fuel price data has tens of thousands of users across North America including nationwide chains such as Pilot, Loves, Flying J as well as other country stores and travel plazas. Every Canadian Province and the majority of US State/DOT Auditors are using ProMiles applications for IFTA, Log Book and IRP compliance verification. ProMiles gives the trucking industry the same tools to pre-audit their records that the government uses to perform an audit. For more information on ProMiles Software Development Corporation, visit

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For more information contact:

Krista Carlson
Tele Atlas Public Relations

Chris Lee
Project Manager
ProMiles Software Development Corporation
409-697-2587 ext. 231

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