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Bridge City, TX - Mileage and routing software is continuing to explore new paths focused on performance-based applications that can grow with a company. A first look at the latest software offering from ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC) confirms this theory. ProMiles XF™ contains a new modular application platform as well as a surprising amount of new functions to make the product cost effective to a wide audience. The modular approach will allow current users of either ProMiles Fuel Management or ProMiles Fuel Tax applications the ability to access the ProMiles Mileage Guide from within the same program. Many other features that were only available at an additional cost in previous versions are now part of the base product.

"We really started this version over 10 years ago," according to PSDC President of Sales and Marketing, Tony Stroncheck. "While we will be marketing ProMiles XF™ as an update of our existing Mileage and Routing software, some of the changes make it more like a whole new application rather than an update to existing programs."

The most notable of the "now included" functions is Fuel Purchase Optimization. PSDC claims that savings of 4 to 8 cents per gallon are common over the average price along most routes with significantly higher savings potential on most trips over 500 miles. One of the significant differences from some other fuel optimization programs is the ability to specify certain features, such as showers or restaurants, as part of the criteria when using the optimization program. "While it can decrease the number of stations to consider in optimizing purchases, it can also lead to greater acceptance of a fuel optimization program by drivers." Stroncheck said, "Let's face it, in most cases it is still up to the driver to ultimately decide where to purchase fuel. Allowing the user to specify these things may exclude some stops, but on the other hand allows the driver to accomplish several tasks in one stop which results in time saved."

While changes can be seen throughout the program, some of the most significant can be seen on the map. A new look enhances the legibility of the maps that now include Mexico as well as the U.S. and Canada. Toolbar functionality has been advanced to allow the user to change routing method while viewing the map. A split screen design is available to the user allowing a detailed map, routing directions and an extended overall view on one screen. The user also can place up to 8 separate routes on the map at one time to allow for enhanced tracking or route comparison capabilities. Also new for this version is a greatly expanded rating section capable of handling a wide variety of rating methods.

Some functionality for the mileage guide still comes with an additional price, including the first offering of street-level mapping for Canada by a trucking industry specific application. Other add-on features for the Mileage Guide include U. S. street-level mapping, the ability to import locations from other programs, Canadian Postal Codes, expanded Canadian City names and customizable Trip Sheets.

The modular applications available from PSDC can also increase the functionality of the mileage guide. Custom fuel networks created with the ProMiles Fuel Management program are available for use in the mileage guide including any discounts available for consideration when using Fuel Purchase Optimization. ProMilesXF™ users have the choice of a Lite version as well as a Pro version featuring pricing information from Oil Pricing Information Services (OPIS). Trips calculated using the mileage guide can have additional information such as dates, odometer readings and expenses added using the Trip Sheet feature and then sent to the fuel tax reporting program. A data section common to these applications allows for the management of equipment, drivers, clients, expenses and more.

"Reviews from pre-release versions have been fantastic," said PSDC's new Marketing Director, Ted Milich. "When I came on board the product was already in the beta testing phase, and you could feel the excitement around here from all of the other employees. Initial response from current clients has also been incredibly favorable." PSDC has involved several companies ranging from owner/operators to large fleets in the testing of the new applications.

As the final test of ProMiles XF™ , all employees of PSDC were trained on the use of the software. "We decided that rather than training only the staff normally involved with the use of the program, we would include everybody from the receptionist to the graphics department to IT personnel," said Stroncheck. "This allowed us to have a better feel for first time users that would not be familiar with our products. Our main focus when adding all of the new functionality to the application was that we keep the ease of use that we have become known for over the years. We are very confident that both previous users as well as first time clients will find the software very user friendly."

Interested parties can find more detailed information on the features of ProMiles XF™ by visiting the product launch website ( or call PSDC directly (800-324-8588) and ask for a free trial CD.

ProMiles Software Development Corporation, developer of the industry's Largest and Most Accurate Mileage and Mapping Database with over 931,000 miles of truck useable roads, develops various types of desktop (CD) and WEB applications such as Route/Stop Optimization, Fuel Tax Reporting, and Fuel Optimization. Almost every Canadian Province and the majority of US State/DOT Auditors are using ProMiles® applications for IFTA, Log Book and IRP compliance verification. ProMiles® gives the trucking industry the same tools to pre-audit their records that the government uses to perform an audit.

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