ProMilesOnline, the first Web-based Mileage Guide with Miles, Routes, Maps and Fuel Optimization for Truckers, Set to Open On October 21st.

October 10th, 1998 -- ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC) announced today that ProMilesOnline will be available starting October 21st. ProMilesOnline is a Web-based mileage guide for the trucking industry similar to PSDC's desktop product, ProMiles 98. For a limited time, this service can be used for free at:

This revolutionary Website puts trip planning, mileages, routes, state mileage breakouts and fuel optimization on the Web for easy and convenient access. It is the first mileage guide specifically made for truckers to be ported to the Web. Just like its desktop brother ProMiles 98, ProMilesOnline is built on top of the industry's largest database, featuring more locations and miles, U.S. and Canadian, than its competitors.

Mileages generated from this accurate database have already been used and accepted by thousands of shippers, brokers, third party logistics, state/federal auditors and trucking companies such as GM, Pepsi Bottling Company, NCR Corporation, Clopay, Greyhound, Ryder Logistics, Rollins Logistics, Penske Logistics, Hewlett Packard, Oceanspray, Old Dominion Freight Lines and Averitt Express. ProMiles data is not new to the Internet. Over 850 companies access its data-using Link for Windows, an Internet-based load and equipment matching service.

ProMilesOnline is the first trucking mileage application available on the Web. According to Tony Stroncheck, President of Sales and Marketing for PSDC, ProMilesOnline can be used to:

  • plan multi-stop trips in the United States and Canada
  • generate optimized, efficient routes for drivers, saving up to 25% by trimming unnecessary out-of-route miles
  • generate state mileage reports for trips to help with fuel tax reporting
  • generate miles to help with billing, paying drivers, and ratings
  • generate a travel (route) plan and a full color map to show a truck's route
  • save thousands of dollars a year on a company's 2nd largest expense, fuel purchases, with ProMilesOnline Fuel Optimization. The first optimization to be available online

ProMilesOnline Fuel Optimization produces the following information and more:

  • a list of all the truck stops along the trip route
  • the correct daily fuel price (retail and ex-tax) at the truck stops
  • location of the truck stops
  • distance off of route to get to the truck stops
  • average retail price per gallon along the route
  • average ex-tax (retail minus taxes) per gallon along the route
  • estimated savings per gallon due to using ProMilesOnline Fuel Optimization
  • total estimated trip fuel saving

When Tony Stroncheck was asked how much can be saved by using the ProMiles Fuel Optimization, he replied, "The companies that already use ProMiles Fuel Optimization in the desktop package are saving an average of 3 to 9 cents per gallon with an annual savings of $600.00 to over $1800.00 dollars per year per unit."

When asked about the speed of the program over the Web, Tony Stroncheck said, "We worried at first that the program would work too slowly over the Web. To our (pleasant) surprise, this was not the case. The ProMilesOnline Web Engine is able to process a Web request in 1 to 2 seconds. The only barriers are the speed of the user's Web connection and Web traffic. Since the various pages generated are typically only 5k to 15k in size, they load very quickly."

By putting a mileage application on the Web, PSDC hopes to benefit the trucking industry in several ways. "First," Tony Stroncheck said, "it will help companies who can't afford the huge expense of buying a full desktop package. Our Web service will be free to try for a limited time so companies can see if a mileage guide is for them in the first place. When we do begin to charge for the service, it will be a low monthly fee. Secondly, since we can update the database and information in a central location, it saves hassles related to updating programs. Thirdly, it helps companies avoid hardware, software, and network compatibility problems. All you need is a connection to the Web and a browser. Have a Mac? Have a Unix box? Have a cantankerous network? Doesn't matter. As long as you can get to the Web, you can use ProMilesOnline."

As for the future of ProMilesOnline, Tony Stroncheck said, "We've got lots of things in mind for the site. This is something we see growing in capability and usefulness for years to come. ProMilesOnline is a cutting edge service, and just as we've done with ProMiles 98, we plan to take user comments and make it even better."

ProMilesOnline will be available to anyone for free for a limited period. This Web service requires no special plug-ins, only a forms-capable browser (Netscape 2 and above, Internet Explorer 3 and above) is required.

For more information, contact:

Tony Stroncheck
ProMiles Software
Development Corporation
US Corporate Office
(800) 324-8588

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