ProMiles XF KINGPIN Edition Unlocked at MATS

ProMiles Continues to Strengthen Relationship with Tele Atlas

Louisville, KY - Mid-America Trucking Show - March 22, 2007 ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC) announced today the official release of the latest version of its flagship ProMiles mileage guide, labeled the Kingpin Edition. This version of the long running ProMiles mileage guide is named for its inclusion of more vehicle configuration settings than any other mileage guide. The "Kingpin" Edition combines ProMiles's 15 years of experience in trucks along with Tele Atlas' best-in-class digital maps, including "last-mile" and "logistics-specific" routing attributes, to better enable high quality and safe truck navigation on local road networks in the continental United States and Canada for virtually all commonly used vehicle configurations.

Kingpin features door-to-door routing and enhanced road attributes, leveraging digital map data and content from Tele Atlas/Logistics database, which covers 7.5 million miles of road in North America. Kingpin has 187 different types of truck routing attributes covering 12 different vehicle types and a total of more than 26 million truck routing attributes applied to the digital map data. With all of this truck routing data, Kingpin has the ability to route vehicle configurations ranging from a van doing courier work and other local delivery trucks, to dump truck and ready-mix trucks, to the peddle runs on short trailers, to the Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs) running on the toll roads and rural highways in the West including triples, rocky mountain doubles, turnpike doubles, and B and C-trains. And of course Kingpin is the first mileage guide ever to fully cover all trailer kingpin regulations in North America.

"The release of Kingpin marks the culmination of a long, thorough process and significant resource investments that ProMiles has made to migrate the truck attributes collected over the years to the new product database," said Chris Lee, marketing director, ProMiles. "By leveraging the Tele Atlas digital map data, and Tele Atlas' vast in-field collection capabilities, we believe this product will provide the industry with a new level of logistics routing capabilities."

"ProMiles continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering strong offerings for the fleet industry," said Dana Fenner, director, fleet and logistics, Tele Atlas. "We're pleased to continue working with ProMiles to deliver an industry solution that helps ensure their customers' drivers can effectively and easily route to their end destination."

About Kingpin Regulations

PSDC has identified 14 different variations of kingpin regulations, different lengths, measuring to different points on the trailer, and of course the regulations that some jurisdictions apply to all trailers while some specify that they only apply to specific trailers. For example, a driver picking up a legal load in Texas heading to Florida could easily be faced with the dilemma of having to slide their trailer tandems to meet Florida kingpin regulations, but in doing so being overweight on the trailer. ProMiles Kingpin Edition will be the first mileage guide that will help the trucking industry identify these types of problems. While the kingpin regulations cover all roads in the national network within some jurisdictions, other jurisdictions (such as the state of Florida) apply the regulations only to specific roads. ProMiles Kingpin Edition will help the trucking industry with route planning to determine what, if any, kingpin regulations will apply to the desired route.

About ProMiles

ProMiles Software Development Corporation, developer of the industry's Largest and Most Accurate Mileage and Mapping Database with over 931,000 miles of truck useable roads, develops various types of desktop (CD) and Web applications such as Route/Stop Optimization, Fuel Tax Reporting, Fuel Management and Fuel Purchase Optimization. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Ocean Spray, Bayer and General Motors have benefited from the use of ProMiles applications. ProMiles fuel price data has tens of thousands of users across North America including nationwide chains such as Pilot, Loves, Flying J as well as other country stores and travel plazas. Every Canadian Province and the majority of US State/DOT Auditors are using ProMiles applications for IFTA, Log Book and IRP compliance verification. ProMiles gives the trucking industry the same tools to pre-audit their records that the government uses to perform an audit. For more information on ProMiles Software Development Corporation, visit

For more information contact:

Chris Lee
Marketing Director
ProMiles Software Development Corporation
409-697-2587 ext.231

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