Intouch Fleet Management™ introduces new suite of internet-based services

Minneapolis, MN - November 1, 1999 - Automated fuel tax calculations, route optimization, load matching, and online credit check services are now integrated and delivered through the Internet-based Intouch Fleet Management system. This addition to Intouch's affordable locating and two-way voice and data communications platform presents trucking companies with a single, low-cost, low maintenance platform - a platform that combines disparate business systems onto one simple user interface compatible with most browsers and Internet connections.

Today's trucking companies must deal with an array of systems and access methods that hinder the free-flow of information between members of the trading community. The expansion of the Intouch product offers companies the solution of a single low-cost, low maintenance platform that combines disparate business systems onto one simple user interface and is compatible with most browsers and Internet connections.

"The Intouch Internet platform erases the barriers to efficient information exchange that hinder trucking operations," said Dave Ladner, chief operations officer, Intouch Fleet Management. "Increasing efficiency means mission critical information quickly and easily reaches the trading community of drivers, shippers, suppliers, and dispatchers.

"With our platform, we are able to address a much broader set of business requirements for trucking companies without adding the usual added expense of new software, new hardware, and the personnel required to maintain an infrastructure for each application," he said.

Often, it is just one piece of information - a better route, finding a profitable load, or an assurance of credit worthiness - that, when delivered in a timely manner, can reduce costs and increase revenue. The open architecture of the Intouch user interface enables the company to provide trucking companies with leading-edge business systems developed by best-of-class software partners.

The recent business partnership with ProMiles® merges the precise locating data of Intouch with the extensive database and power of ProMiles® and ultimately results in automatic computation and generation of trip sheets, mileage data, and fuel tax calculations. ProMiles® is approved by auditors across the United States and Canada.

The Intouch Fleet Management system, developed by PeopleNet Communications, is the only system available to the transportation industry that combines GPS satellites, the public cellular infrastructure, and the Internet to provide precision locating, two-way voice and data communications, and Internet-based services. The flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use Intouch system is used by hundreds of fleets operating in North America.

For more information, contact:

PeopleNet Communications Corp.
1107 Hazeltine Blvd, Suite 350, MD 53
Minneapolis, MN 55318-1007
Phone: 888-346-3486
Fax: (612) 368-9320

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