CUMMINS SIMPLIFIES FUEL TAX REPORTING Combines RoadRelay 4, ProMiles Fuel Tax, and INFORM, for accuracy and efficiency in reporting

COLUMBUS, Ind. (August 28, 2000) - Cummins Inc. and ProMiles Software Development Corporation have introduced an interface between Cummins RoadRelay™ 4 with GPS (global positioning system) and ProMiles Fuel Tax reporting package.

"By giving fleet managers the ability to easily calculate fuel tax when using RoadRelay 4 with GPS, they can run their businesses even more efficiently and accurately," says Sarah Kautz, Cummins engine data information systems manager -- product planning and implementation.

The most popular engine and vehicle electronic systems monitor in the world, RoadRelay™ 4 is a compact, in- or on- dash mounted unit, and has a bright, four line display that makes it as easy to read as it is to use. While designed for Cummins electronic engines, RoadRelay™ 4's inherent flexibility makes it compatible with other manufacturers' diesel engines, too. This well-thought-out, comprehensive system has seen tremendous success in helping drivers and fleet managers improve driver and vehicle efficiency and meet business goals.

The RoadRelay™ 4 with GPS and ProMiles Fuel Tax system must be integrated with Cummins INFORM or INSPEC vehicle and fleet management software. It automatically provides state by state and vehicle by vehicle fuel tax information, as well as trip sheets.

Enabling the "Route" feature in a RoadRelay™ 4 with GPS allows the unit to record coordinates every time specific events occur (key on/off, fault, extended idle, etc.). It also eliminates the need to laboriously compile fuel tax report data including the tracking of on- and off-highway use and time spent at idle. Drivers can also enter fuel purchases at the point of purchase.

Once RoadRelay™ 4 data is downloaded into INFORM or INSPEC, it is then exported to Cummins PowerTrip and ProMiles Fuel Tax software. ProMiles Fuel Tax then automatically populates data fields with the information from RoadRelay™ 4, saving fleet managers time and eliminating common mistakes. And since ProMiles Fuel Tax is used by IFTA auditors in all Canadian provinces and most U.S. states, a business can be sure that its trucks' mileage reports will match those generated by the IFTA auditors.

Cummins PowerTrip, by ProMiles, is an innovative software program that allows users to import trip data directly from a RoadRelay™ 4 with GPS and INFORM or INSPEC into the Fuel Tax software. It can also produce and print trip sheets for use as back-up in the case of an IFTA audit.

More information, more efficient fleets

In addition to the fuel tax feature, the system has made other great advancements. Now in its second year, and fourth generation, the entire RoadRelay™ 4 package "has been continuously improved, with more and more features and value added with each new version," Kautz adds. "It's all about keeping pace with our customers' wants and needs, and helping them reach their dreams."

Other new features on RoadRelay™ 4 with GPS and the related Cummins information management software products INFORM and INSPEC, are detailed route reports, system reconfiguration, fault reports, and configurable extraction reports. Detailed routing establishes a standard route and map, and can recognize different routes, new drivers, and even out-of-route miles, all which can help a fleet manager determine driver compensation and optimize delivery schedules.

The improved, updated, detailed fault reports now include fault codes, text descriptions, and even driver identification for multiple drivers. When information is downloaded using INFORM, the system clearly explains the actual fault details, including the time and date of the first and last occurrences. The GPS unit even details where the faults took place.

The newly available data from RoadRelay™ 4 is even easier to use with configurable reports. An extraction report now allows managers to view comprehensive data or simply output a single page detailing a single vehicle or driver.

"Simple, comprehensive descriptions of fault codes offer a great benefit to owner operators, drivers and fleet managers," Kautz says. "They make it a lot easier to understand and rectify the problem. What's more," she adds, "this kind of data can help drivers take their performance to another level, and help fleets increase uptime. Being able to extract only the necessary data, in a format configured to a company's needs, makes that information more valuable to the company, and it allows office time to be spent more efficiently, too."

The leader in diesel engine technology and engine information management, Cummins continues to develop innovative solutions that meet the trucking industry's changing needs. From driver performance records to fuel tax reporting, engine programming to trip data, the company's software systems are geared to helping our customers run hard, and reach their dreams.

Cummins Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ind., is the world's largest producer of diesel and gas engines above 200 horsepower. The company provides products and services for customers in markets worldwide for engines, power generation and filtration. In 1999, Cummins reported sales of $6.6 billion. Press releases by fax may be requested by calling News on Demand (toll free) at 888-329-2305. Cummins home page on the Internet can be found at

Based in Bridge City, Texas, ProMiles Software Development Corporation ( offers leading software and Internet based solutions for the Transportation Industry. PSDC develops software to meet the needs of both the independent trucker and large trucking fleets. The product is also used for IFTA, Log Book and IRP compliant verification by all Canadian Provinces and the majority of US/DOT auditors.

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