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Lydia Stroncheck
Office Manager

Lydia Stroncheck

Voted Employee of the Month for:

Lydia has been working in the Transportation Industry since 1990 when she met her husband and founder of PSDC, Tony Stroncheck.  She is Secretary Treasurer of the Corporation, and also has been given the title of Office Manager.  Lydia has 3 wonderful children Chase, Meghan & Tory Michael.

When not working Lydia loves to spend time at the lake with her family, and dream about wonderful vacations in Colorado where she would one day love to live.  She also has her hands full with all of her children’s school work and activities, not to mention trying to keep Tony in line... which is no easy task :-)

How to contact Lydia:
Phone: 1-800-324-8588, extension 234


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