ProMiles Covid-19 Continuity of Operations Plans

ProMiles has a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan in place to provide direction to our staff in the event that a pandemic infection poses a health and safety threat to our customers, employees, or otherwise threatens our ability to effectively provide our services.

ProMiles has transitioned to minimal staff working on-site. ProMiles has identified critical staff and has provided this staff with the means to continue working from their home. This includes the ability to contact this staff by phone during business hours. High level information for support is provided below:

  • Support for desktop and web based routing and fuel tax software will be provided by email and phone. Please send requests to
  • All fuel tax automation operations will continue without interruption
  • Restriction and bridge updates will continue without interruption
  • Support for OS/OW permitting and routing systems will continue using email or ticket systems. If you have questions or issues please contact your lead
  • AASHTO BrR support will continue to be provided through the Jira ticket system

ProMiles has utilized work from home staff since its inception and has extensive experience working from home during natural disasters. Our top priority is continuing to support our customers in every way.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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